This community is led and maintained by full-time staff who give their lives to the task of journeying with students on this campus to discover and build a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

When school is in session, we have a group of student leaders who have committed to serving this community in a more hands-on way. They lead our Community Groups, student Music Team, volunteer massive amounts of time to help our Grow Trips & Initiatives, and are responsible for spearheading many of our other events.

Student Leaders

Eli Phillips

Hi, I'm Eli! I was the lead in my kindergarten musical. I rarely burn toast. I can juggle (but only up to three things). I can quote any episode of The Office. I am proficient in Microsoft Office. I have a decent Kermit impression. I am also a Secondary Education Major. I'm excited for the opportunity to help lead community groups this year!

Zoe Hoopingarner

My name is Zoe Hoopingarner! I am a Junior this year, studying Elementary Education. I am going to be leading the Music Team at CCH this year and I am very excited! I love reading and music, and I am very excited to see God’s plan for us this coming year!

Mikayla Cowan

Hey everyone! My name is Mikayla Cowan, but many people call me Miki. Here are some fun facts fo you: I'm ambidextrous, I rock climb, & I love to read. People are my passion, which is why I'm graduating in December with a Social Work Degree & an International Studies minor. The Christian Campus House (CCH) has been a huge blessing to me & I pray that God continues to work in & through the ministry! I'm super excited to see what our Lord does in this year!!

Mia Bellanca

Hi everyone! My name is Mia Bellanca. I am a Junior at UCM pursuing a degree in Computer Sciene with a Mathematics minor. I love to encourage others, spend time outside, participate in sports, bake, & watch football. The authentic community at the Christian Campus House has had such great influence on my life over the past two years. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to help it grow through watching students experience God's unending love & grace.

Ryan Smith

My name is Ryan Smith, I’m a Senior at UCM studying Digital Media Production with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I came to know Christ at a very young age, and renewed my faith once I found this amazing community at CCH. I love movies, I’m a vinyl junkie, and I’m looking forward to a great year of bible study and fellowship together.

Alex Beffa

Hello! My name is Alex Beffa! I am a Sophomore majoring in Marketing. I enjoy talking about, playing, or basically anything that involves soccer. I also enjoy singing & dancing, don't play Mamma Mia or The Greatest Showman unless you're ready! I can't wait to see what God has in store for CCH this year!

Tabitha May

My name is Tabitha May; I'm a sophomore in college majoring in Psychology. I chose to switch to Psychology because I want to help end the stigma against mental illness. I suffer from anxiety & depression & have a strong desire to help others with their own battles. I wish for everyone to know how loved they are. I pray for you to know that your are NEVER alone, no matter how hard the enemy tries to convince you. I am able to make it through life with the Lord's help & my dear brothers & sisters in Christ. My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 91.11 "For He shall give His angels orders concerning you to protect you in all your ways." Shalom!

Ashlynn DuVall

Hi! My name is Ashlynn DuVall. I am a Senior this year, studying Social Work. I love to travel, hike, & swim. I am excited to be a community group leader this year! I am also excited to see what God has in store for this school year!

Trace Forster

Howdy, my name is Trace Forster. I am a Sophomore & I'm studying Computer Science. I like Escape Rooms, Games, Music, & Food. I have always been involved in church my whole life & I'm so glad to have been able to connect here with the people at CCH to make a second family. I can't wait to grow closer with the community groups & God this year.

Austin Bechler

Hey! My name is Austin Bechler! I am currently stationed at Whiteman Airforce Base and have found a second home here at CCH. Last year was filled with great conversation, support, and spiritual growth. I can't wait to meet, grow, and welcome y'all to be a part of this big family!

Jordan Thomas

Hey friends! My name is Jordan Thomas & I am currently a Sophomore, Nursing major on campus. This is my first year on Leadership with the Christian Campus House & also my first year as a Community Advisor on Campus. My overall passions are to travel & serve people while also serving our amazing Lord.

McKayla Jameson

Hello! My name is McKayla, but most people call me Jameson or MJ. I am a Junior this year studying Art Education. I love to travel, be goofy with friends, hammock, read, & love anything that allows me to be creative. I am a firm believer that unsweet iced tea is far more superior than any other drink. CCH quickly became my home away from home freshman year & I can't wait for others to experience belonging as well. God is definitely moving here at CCH & I am so excited to see how we grow through Him this year.

Savannah Bennett

Hey, my name is Savannah Bennett. I'm a Sophomore Early Childhood Education major. I love coffee, my friends & family, enjoying nature, & JESUS! I started coming to CCH in August of my freshman year & ever since I knew I had a home here. I look forward to welcoming others to CCH the way I was welcomed to the fam!

Kiersten Foster

Hello! My name is Kiersten & I am a Junior majoring in Art Education. I love reading, painting, hammocking, drinking sweet tea, & eating mozzarella sticks. I have loved getting to be a part of the CCH community the past two years & I cannot wait to welcome others. CCH has become my home away from home & it is where I have made my best memories & best friends. I am so excited to see how God works within our community this year.

Briley Blessing

Hello there & Shalom! I'm Briley Blessing as you can see. My hometown is the city of St. Joseph, MO (born & raised). Currently I am a Sophomore with a passion for animals, which is why I'm majoring in Agriculture with an emphasis in Animal Science. I own two beautiful golden retrievers named Chloe & Charlie (I have many pictures & stories to share). I love painting, even though I'm not good at it, horseback-riding, reading books (especially the Harry Potter series), eating (I bring food everywhere, you'll see), & the occasional video game (come find me & we can nerd out). I also have an arsenal of shoulders to lean or cry on, I'll be there if you need a friend in Christ. God is good & He never fails to prove it. I'm ecstatic to lead others to see His greatness & know His love.

Brady Herrington

Hey everyone! My name is Brady Herrington & I'm a Senior at UCM from Sedalia, MO. I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Military Science. My first interaction with the Christian Campus House was on the Colorado Grow Trip I attended last spring. I plan to enter Active Duty when I commission as an officer in the United States Army.

Charles Spitsnogle

Hi, I'm Charles! I'm a Junior at UCM majoring in Middle School Education. I'm from Lee's Summit, MO. I love supporting the Royals, Chiefs, & Sporting KC. I also love going around Warrensburg to review the finest dining establishments. I love being apart of the CCH community & all the awesome experiences that come with it. 

Brett Spilman

Bio coming soon!

Chase Hagle

Bio coming soon!