At Campus House, we have five core values, philosophies, or pillars, which guide the way we live out our vision: Belonging, Story, Restoration, Revolution, and Creativity.


We believe today's students are more concerned with belonging than believing. We desire to be a community of people who can come just as we are, who are not afraid to be ourselves and let ourselves be known. We believe that when people see followers of Jesus who are real and authentic, they will see a Jesus who is real and authentic.



We have entered into this unfolding narrative that is God’s Word. A story of God and His people, a story of a Father who relentlessly pursues His people from beginning to end, seeking to make us a part of this story by bringing His family back together. It is a story which must overwhelm every aspect of our lives. It is a story that seeks to connect us back to our Creator.



We believe that we are a flawed, sinful people. We also believe that God, through Jesus, desperately wants to restore us to Him. God want to take us with all of our flaws and brokenness and put the pieces back together. Restoration through Jesus in more than a one-time transaction: it's a way of living. It is an ongoing, never-ending restoration of our souls, our lives and the world in which we live.



We believe that when we enter into the story of God it will change the way we see our lives and the world around us. We also believe that as the story of God changes the way we think, it will also change the way we act. We believe that entering into God’s story causes us to bring revolution to the world around us, striving to bring God’s hope and restoration to this world.



In this community: beauty, art, and imagination are valued, used and understood as coming from the Creator. We believe God is calling us all to lifelong creative, artistic, and scientific pursuits. We are to mirror God’s creativity.


This ancient Hebrew exchange of greeting and farewell is often translated as “peace.” Yet it means far more than our modern understanding of peace. This word goes far beyond simply wishing for a lack of conflict; rather it is an active blessing upon a person that life as God intended would permeate their existence. It means Grace, wholeness, holistic peace, and rest. We believe God’s Story is about bringing shalom into the world, through the work of His Son and the community which bears His name.