Every year following Spring Commencement, we take a group of students down to Juarez, Mexico to build a house from start to finish  with an amazing organization called: Casas por Cristo (Spanish for "Homes for Christ"). In Juarez, people live in conditions we struggle to imagine living in. With love and care in our hearts we will build the family a brand new home as a genuine example of Jesus' amazing love that He first showed us and we get the privilege of showing them. God's love is so limitless and we have the joy of sharing it with others.  The family we are privileged to build for will forever have a new story and new trajectory in in their lives that we will forever be a part of.

WHEN: May 9th-15th, 2021
ATTENDANCE MIN/MAX: 12-15 people

Join us and our group in allowing God to use us in changing a families story, in showing and growing us in love... We believe the love of Christ is all about inviting us ALL into a transformative story, a redemptive story that leave us ALL in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

If you’re interested in attending this trip or would like more information, contact Daylen Brandes <>.