servants of generosity

From the earliest moments of the Jesus Movement, Christians have been known as those who completely care for one another as well as the world. Tradition even tells us that, if one person or family in the community were without food or other necessitities, every one would fast (go without) until the need was fulfilled. We wish to find ourselves in that same tradition, along with providing some organization and hands-on learning for our students to discover how we might care for each other.

As followers of Christ, we believe that to love God and to love others means we should give. After the staff has been paid their salary, 10% of the money Christian Campus House receives goes into a separate fund to serve the needs of this community. Our desire is for a group of students to decide where this money goes. The following is the mission statement created by this group of students:

"Servants of Generosity is a Jesus Community with the pure intentions of looking out for society’s common good, giving from the heart, and reflecting God’s passion to help others in our obedience to God’s Word.”

In 1 Timothy 6:18, Paul writes, "Let [His servants] do good, that they be rich in good deeds, ready to give, willing to share."

Being Spirit-led, our intentions are not to give people a handout or just to enable the individual(s), but to help better their lives. By being intentional about getting to know their story, we can uncover the true need and ask God to provide His blessings through us. We recognize each story is unique and requires specific prayer in order to identify those needs. Through prayers and the assistance we offer, no matter the time frame required, we accept to follow God’s will. By allowing God to mold them and us, we hope their life can be more self-sustaining."

The students meet on a regular basis to discuss needs and opportunities to give. If you cannot come to the meeting, please update the group with any needs that you know of in the community by contacting them here.

If students feel led to give money specifically to the Servants of Generosity group, any money placed in the “Servants of Generosity” box by the back door in the worship area will be put directly toward that fund. You can also give online by clicking the button below.