Grow Trips & Initiatives

Ever changing to when and where we are called... these unique experiences are full of opportunity.

Grow Trips

We believe tangible trips like the ones we lead are instrumental in bringing about God’s restoration in the lives of students and others in this world.

No matter what the specific purpose of the trip, whether service focused or retreat based, it plays a part in growing and restoring God’s people and creation.  We desire to be the aroma of Christ to this world (2 Cor. 2:15), to be agents of hope and love to the lost and broken.

We believe God uses these trips to grow the individuals going, giving them a vision to be constantly and continually seeking to bring God’s creation back to what He desires it to be.

It is our hope that every student involved in our community will be led to join one of these trips at some point in their time at Christian Campus House.

Places we've traveled in our past:  Haiti - Joplin, MO - Philippines - Kansas City - Atlanta, GA - Gatlinburg, TN - Estes Park, CO - Juarez, Mexico - Bay St. Louis, MS - Evansville, IN - and more...

Click below to check out more about our upcoming Grow Trips: Spring Break & Mexico


These initiatives are opportunities for investment, to put wheels on our faith. There is a place where right thinking must lead to right practice, or it dissolves into mere words at best, and at worst, can turn in on itself, causing harm to the community and those nearby.
This is where we step out and work; where we love by deeds and see our community's values played out in real life.

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