Become a Part of the Community

We desire to journey as a community, a body of people who regularly gather and can come just as we are, who are not afraid to be ourselves and let ourselves be known. We believe that when people see followers of Jesus who are real and authentic, they will see a reflection of Jesus who is real and authentic.

There are many ways for any students (freshman, transfers, current UCM student) to  connect with and become a part the UCM Christian Campus House community... 

The following are the primary things for you to show up to and get involved in:
DIG Worship
Every Wednesday at 7:30pm during the school year (211 S. Maguire St.)

Community Groups
Intentionally meet once a week with your peers during the school year

Grow Trips & Initiatives
Spring Break Grow Trip
Summer Grow Trip
Mexico Grow Trip
Show-Me Formal

And Various Activities & Unique Events
Week of Welcome, Game Nights, Vision Week, BIG Table, Connect Event, Pancake Breakfasts, Cookouts, & more.

We hope you will come and get connected in this life changing community!
"The Christian Campus House has impacted me by having a closer relationship to God, but also with awesome people who have the same beliefs as me. I feel so much closer to God when I am worshipping him with my brothers and sisters."- Brett S.