community groups (small groups)

This is the heartbeat of our community. Small gatherings of 5-12 guys or girls meeting together weekly to intentionally invest in each other through conversation, study, service, and fun.

Wednesday evenings large-group setting can be overwhelming and intimidating at times, but Community Groups allow for a much more intimate setting to know and be known. We believe it is within these relationships that the deepest, most long-lasting growth happens. Through these times of regular, personal investments, we hope students can begin to speak truth into one another’s lives, because it’s when we challenge, are vulnerable with, and love each other that the possibilities for long-term growth become endless.

Our groups follow a typical monthly pattern of: three weeks of study (i.e. conversation furthering our Wednesday evening teachings and digging into scripture study), followed by one week of celebration. We also provide opportunities for multi-group service nights each month. These occur on “off nights” and last approximately an hour.

If you’re interested in joining a group or just want more info, contact Daylen Brandes (